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Why Writing For The Web Works

Updated on October 9, 2012

Writing Never Ending

Writing will never come to an end or at least for people who love to write.

What am I going to write today? 

1. Writing about how you feel. Today I am very tired but my mind if sharp to write another post.

2. I am tired of writing but my mind wants to write another post.

3. Just write whatever comes to your mind.

Make Money Writing Like A Diary

The best blogs are those with very long posts updated each and every day. These blogs are so big that people take several weeks just to read one post.

 You can write a similar thing with Hubpages, everyday update your best hub and let people come back to see what you alreadt wrote on it, what were the latest discoveries, the latest affiliate network, the latest information, the latest news and also the latest updates via video and images.

Writing an hub is a never ending process, you cannot think about money, just information and news because that is where the money is coming from. Focus on being the best information guy on earth, the guy with the  best news and with the most information. Search engines value sites with older posts, which means if you write first you get the first position.

Instead of writing a new hub everyday, focus on updating your best hub, write at least four hundred words per post to make it big enough to entertain the readers for a little longer. Focus on writing not what they want to read, but what comes straight from your heart and mind.

Can your hub be the next huge success. Let's hope so.

In The Beginning Was The Word

Article directories have more traffic than any other website even more traffic than adult websites because the thing most people want in life is information. Information is the most expensive business on earth and if you possess the right information and publish it on the web, you can be sure people will search for it using search engines and you can be sure they will find the information you wrote.

What is great information? The definition of great information is just to give people what they are looking for. If they want information about cars, you can see what they are looking for using Google keyword tool, write information about cars, specialize writing about car turbos or car injections.

The more information you publish the more money you can make selling  subscription or advertisements or even products, because with more information the exposure you get is larger.

The ultimate amount of money to make on the web depends on your information quantity and quality. Everyone is an expert on something. Be that expert people can depend on.

Writing For The Web Is Crazy

The number one activity on the web is reading content, people are looking for content, text content, more than anything. They want to read to inform themselves, they read for leisure and also for fun. This creates an enormous market for those who know how to take advantage of the audience and advertise products to sell.

Writing for the web is not the same as writing for a book, you need to use a language simple to read even by foreign people because on the web everyone can your reader.

Writers Make Money

Can any serious amount of money be made using nothing but the internet as a writing medium? Absolutely!

Advertising programs and affilate networks are selling products like crazy to readers and the readers not only are looking forward to read your content, they will also want to buy whatever your advertisements are selling.

Some readers buy because they are interested in the products, others buy because they know they will help you and some even buy just to spend some money and get something new, something out of boring.

Where to Start?

You can start writing for any website you want to. All you need to know is some basic english and the rest is story.

Start writing thinking about your audience, what are you going to write about, are you going to write about your hobby, about your favorite sport, about computers? Choose one topic and master it, it is impossible to be the jack of all trades on the internet because of specialization. There are masters for any niche and unless you are better than they are, your business is going to fail.

To start making money writing for the web or blogging, you need to create an audience and once you reach about ten thousand readers per day you can register with a good advertising networks such as Bidvertiser or Google Adsense and Clickbank and start placing ads near the text because it is the place that people pay more attention to and start making money and they click and when they buy.

You should wait until you have at least ten thousand unique visitors per day or the amount of money you will make it so little.

Start writing right now!


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