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Why You Will Never Ever Really Make Big Money At HubPages

Updated on June 2, 2012
No Money!
No Money! | Source

Yes, I’m talking to you, dear reader. And I am saying that most of you who are members of HubPages, who signed up with the purpose of making money, will never really make a lot of money at HubPages. I’m saying this not with the purpose of taunting, discouraging or disparaging you, but simply to get your attention and hopefully, by the end of this hub, you might learn something useful.

As an engineer, I always find it useful to get a few things straight, right from the beginning. Human beings tend to generalize things and we tend to use words like: “a bit more”, “a lot” and “many”. I mean, imagine a civil engineer telling the contractor that he needs to pour a lot of concrete into the foundation without specifying exactly how much. You won’t want to live in that house, would you?

But I digress.

Right from the start, I just want to clarify that the term “big money” that is stated in the title of this hub should be taken to mean $1000 per month from Google AdSense. I feel that this is a good yardstick as although earnings do vary widely depending on the subject you are writing about, earnings from Google AdSense should be more consistent as compared to earnings from eBay or Amazon.

And $1000 per month should not be too far away from the monthly earnings of a lot of my dear readers, and as such, would not be considered pocket change.

Now that that’s done, why do I consider that most of my dear readers will not make it to $1000 in monthly AdSense earnings?

Well, if I was to take a look at the forums at HubPages. there are a lot of complains of mediocre AdSense earnings. More often than not, the complains will follow a common thread. The person complaining will talk about the effort and time that he has spent in crafting his hubs, and after a few months, has still to reach the $100 minimum payout for AdSense. He has probably published 10 or 20 hubs, is sorely disappointed with his earnings and wants to know what he is doing wrong.

While he might not have explicitly stated in his forum post, he would imply that the amount of time spent is just not worth it compared to the rewards gained. Some posters would compare the earnings from AdSense to minimum wage in their country and find that their AdSense earnings are sorely lacking.

Do you have the same thoughts? Do you think that your AdSense earnings are low compared to the time that you have spent on your hubs, and find that even a low level off line job pays very much better? If those are your thoughts, then it is highly probable that you will stop fantasizing about big money on HubPages and go out and get a real job, where you can at least earn some real money.

And you will never ever really make big money at HubPages.

What you are missing, dear reader, is that you need to understand that making money on HubPages and earning money working for an employer are 2 completely different things. Comparing the two is like comparing an apple and an orange. While both are fruits and they are sweet, the similarity ends there and a judgment cannot be made as to which one is the better fruit.

When you are earning money working for an employer, you get paid to perform a certain function, or complete a certain project. You will get paid so long as you continue performing your function, or when you have completed your assigned project. The money stops when you are no longer doing your job, or when you have finished your project.

When you write a hub and put it out there, it will earn a paltry sum for you each month. Give that hub a year, and it might not even earn enough to buy you a cappuccino. But that hub is earning money for you long after you have forgotten about it. And it will probably continue earning money for you as long as HubPages is in business. It is like somebody giving you pocket money each and every month, year in and year out, for a long time. All you need to do is to spend an initial amount of time and effort.

I might have generalized it a little, but that is essentially what making money at HubPages is all about. Many people fail to realize that, and when their time and effort does not seem to be paying off, they give up prematurely. If they had just continued for a little while longer, the trickle of money could just have turned into a flood.


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