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Why do we Hub?

Updated on September 14, 2015
A world of writing
A world of writing | Source

Why Do We Hub?

Do you ever ask yourself that question or are you so secure you never think about it? Of course the hub I am referring to is the one written for HubPages, no relation to a wheel or busy place. It could be considered a verb; to hub, hubbing or to work a hub.

An article, a poem, any writing to our liking. Why do we write hubs? What in the world draws us to writing on a computer for an unknown audience? Millions of people use Twitter to send and read messages called Tweets. You can use Facebook, a social network where you can keep in touch with friends and let the world know what you're doing. Many find Facebook a tool to rekindle friendships from the past. Obviously the list goes on. There are so many sites that let you write what you think, but are they really writing or are they jotting or just socializing? They don't give you the opportunity to let your creative juices flow. There are almost as many bloggers as there are computers and of course that's not to mention email and instant messaging, all ways to communicate. The number of bloggers is probably uncountable. You can blog to enter regular entries and commentary, many daily. Blogging also gets you other people's opinions in answer to your own and there have been people who refer to HubPages as a blogging site.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

— Mark Twain

Be Creative


Reasons for Writing Hubs

Why do we hub? Are we hub addicts? Hubs are a place where you can find information and often, entertainment. There can be a social aspect but it is mainly for the writing. So many love to write.... People who've always wanted to write; books, poems, articles, any type of writing. Writing can be a form of release, a way to show your abilities and get your thoughts out without having to burden someone else. Writing can also be your form of creativity, using your imagination and intellectual talents to pass on information writing about what you know or a way to create a fantasy world or imaginative situation. You can choose from anything! You are your own critic when it comes to your writing. Whatever you feel is what you write! Of course who reads your writing is another story all together. If you write about your favorite color for example, it may or may not be of interest to someone else, if they like the color they may like your hub.The style of your writing won't appeal to everyone but I always say that's why there's vanilla and chocolate, it's all about choices. If you don't write and post a hub you're not giving people the choice to read or not to read your hub. What you think is good may not be and what you think isn't may be!

People write hubs for any number of reasons. Some people write hubs just to get their opinions out there. We all have opinions and sometimes our family doesn't really want to hear them or there is no other way or place to express our opinions. Maybe it's something you have a very strong opinion about and you don't necessarily want to start a family discussion. What better way to get our opinions out there than to write a hub? Again, some will agree and some will disagree. Of course for the new hub writer, the newbie, there are times when you really question yourself and ask why am I writing Hubs? Are my hubs really any good? You need to get your feet wet, keep writing and keep reading before it all makes sense to you.

“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

— Anton Chekhov

Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently

Being Social on HubPages

A great aspect of Hub Pages is that Hubbers challenge and support each other. Any good Hubber reads others hubs. You scout around looking at Hubs that relate to what you've written, or hubs on any subject that interests you. You can read hubs to learn about history or geography, or how-to hubs. You become fans of other Hubbers or sometimes you just leave a comment. Other Hubbers return the favor. So I guess you could add social networking to a reason for writing on HubPages but it's a different kind of social networking keeping you in touch with people who have the same interest in writing that you do and who are honest and unbiased... honest communication and often helpful hints.

You can make friends on HubPages, friends from anywhere in the world. Sometimes these friends become a part of your life and become very dear to you.



Making Money On HubPages

Is writing itself the only reason people write hubs? Not really. Many write hubs to make money. Yes, you can make money writing hubs. Some people make a little money, some people make a lot of money. There are copious articles on how to make money on HubPages. They include hints on how to enter keywords for search engines - particularly Google since Google is number one; how to choose your title, what subjects to choose, how to lay out your hub, how to choose tags...the list is endless. It's all right here on HubPages. If that isn't enough for you do an internet search on writing Hubs or Hub income.

I've added links at the bottom of my hub to other interesting hubs that support some of my theories. Some of these hubs are interesting, some are helpful as is the case with all hubs.

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

— Louis L'Amour

What Do You Do on HubPages?

You may want to read about your childhood or a type of dog you're thinking about getting. You may want to read poetry that hasn't been published in a book, or maybe a book review. All of these things can be found on Hub Pages, travel, interpretation, how-to, the variety is endless.

As I mentioned earlier, another reason for being on HubPages is Addiction. You can really get addicted to HubPages, both writing and reading. I find myself saying I'll just check my hits and the next thing I know I'm hub hopping or starting to write another hub and what was intended as a few minutes on HubPages turns into a few hours!

I guess there are as many reasons to write hubs as there are hubs, and that's why we write hubs. Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think about this hub and HubPages!

Copyright Tillsontitan - All Rights Reserved

I Highly Recommend

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Hubbing is Like Being Promiscuous

Christopher Hitchens Advice for Writers


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 3 years ago from New York

      So glad you found this motivating Sharp. Each of us writes for our own reasons. I appreciate the thumbs up.

    • Sharp Points profile image

      Sharp Points 3 years ago from Big Bear Lake, California

      This was a great and very motivating piece. Thank you @tillsontitan I enjoyed reading that. Two thumbs up.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      Sunshine, I never thought about having my voice heard actually, good point. Glad we are friends as well.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Well, you basically answered this question for me. I hub to have my voice heard, to make a difference, I have a penny collection and to meet wonderful people like you!:)

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      And...we are so lucky to have you here Jason. You contribute so much and your writing is great. So glad you found HP and decided to stay.

    • Jason Marovich profile image

      Jason F Marovich 5 years ago from Detroit

      I started writing on HubPages, initially, because I was hooked by the fiction posted on the site. Ironic, I know, with the demands from advertisers, but there really are good writers here, as you know. I was pleasantly surprised, and I decided to give it a go. The feedback was amazing, the examples to look up to improved my writing, and the HP staff made certain to keep the money aspects of the site transparent. What can I say, it was a good formula!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      I"m so glad you understood what I was saying jeyaramd. We definitely have a freedom of expression on HP and I agree we don't have to worry about offending others. Seems we share some vision together. Thanks for reading and voting up.

    • jeyaramd profile image

      jeyaramd 6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      Thank you for sharing this hub on why we write hubs. Hubs are definitely different that social networking sites, that geared towards the social aspect. Hubs can be both. I agree to your sentiment that "Writing can be a form of release, a way to show your abilities and get your thoughts out without having to burden someone else". Its nice to be able to share your wisdom and thoughts without annoying others.

      I love free expression. Hubs are a great outlet to get your thoughts out there. It allows you to relive your past experiences and be aware of how you interpret them. Through writing, you can easily learn from a negative experience and make it positive for others. Thank you so much for this hub. Voted up.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      Thanks Writer Fox, I know it's addictive to me. I check it every morning then say I'll wait till tomorrow but wind up checking in two or three times during the day!

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 6 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      I agree with you that Hub Pages is addictive! The forums are like our "support group." Good article!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 6 years ago from New York

      Everyone has their own reasons, hopefully we all do it for the fun and community. Welcome Ubanichijioke!

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

      You ve made the reasons obvious and easy to understand. For me, i write to be heard and also to inform, entertain and teach others. Thanks awesome hub. Bless you

    • revmjm profile image

      Margaret Minnicks 7 years ago from Richmond, VA

      This made me really think about why I am writing hubs. I think it is to satisfy a deep urge inside of me. Writing on HubPages puts me in a community where others are doing the same thing. All of us on HubPages have something in common...we write! I've written 97 hubs in just 6 weeks; so I must love it here!

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 7 years ago from New York

      I'm sure there are other reasons people Hub but these are my views. Glad you both find my hub interesting.

    • create a page profile image

      create a page 7 years ago from Maryland, USA

      Thanks for writing this useful and thought provocative hub. We do need to be introspective as hubbers.

    • Mercredi profile image

      Mercredi 7 years ago

      I started writing Hubs to share my knowledge with other Hubbers, engage in some creative writing, which I hope will one day eventually lead to worldwide domination.

      Thanks for the interesting article.