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Make money writing online: Is that possible?

Updated on August 17, 2015
Make money with your writing
Make money with your writing | Source

Do you think it is possible to make money writing?

Share with us your opinion at this point JUST BEFORE you start reading this hub

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Comment from a hubber, 8 months ago from Medellin, Colombia
Comment from a hubber, 8 months ago from Medellin, Colombia | Source
It will be pennies for sometime for the newbies
It will be pennies for sometime for the newbies | Source

Want to make money via Adsense thru writing in Hubpages?

Do you plan to make money writing in places like Hubpages, Squidoo etc? Are you struggling to find out how to make money with Google Adsense after getting only pennies despite all the hard work and tremendous efforts that you have put in?

If you truly want to build up a web or internet base income, I highly suggest that you have an open mind and please read all the way to the bottom so that you can truly understand what is involved.

A little time spent on this hub will help you save more time, money and heartache later on.

This is a typical experience of someone who is trying make money writing that many of us can relate to:

A post by RachaelOhalloran with Hubscore of 92 on 21st Apr 2014
A post by RachaelOhalloran with Hubscore of 92 on 21st Apr 2014 | Source

Welcome to the reality - trying to make a decent amount of money, let alone lots of money writing in places like Hubpages and Squidoo is not easy as you can see from the "real" comments above.

However if you persist, you may be able to find some money in your Google Adsense account; that is only after a considerable amount of time.

The true fact is you will have to be very patient if you intend to make any money at all writing for sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, etc as you will find that those people that make reasonable amounts of money only do so after some time.

The reality is that writing for money is a very slow way to make money and if you need an income to sustain yourself, then you will need to have an open mind and look at other alternatives.

Quote from DzyMsLizzy - A hubber with a 100 hubscore on 21 Apr 2014
Quote from DzyMsLizzy - A hubber with a 100 hubscore on 21 Apr 2014 | Source

Let me put it this way, I am not trying to put cold water on newbies but I just want to be honest with you especially if you are a newbie thinking that you can make big money writing together with Google Adsense in Hubpages and the like.

I have been though that journey and this is my way of repaying the kindness of others who have helped me. I would like to share my experience with you so that if you are just starting out, you will know what you are getting into if you think you want to try to make money writing in Hubpages. By, the way I am referring to Hubpages as this article is in Hubpages. It is the same for other platforms like Squidoo, Zujava, Blogger, eZinearticles etc

Along my journey of trying to make money writing, I have found what I believe to be a gem which I would like to share with you so that you do not have to go through that painful journey of earning pennies like I did. It is my way of saying "thank you" to those who have helped me and I hope you will do the same to others still struggling when you have "made it there".

Before I proceed, l would like to state upfront that there is no such thing as a push button solution. If you believe in working hard, doing real business and then reaping the rewards, then read on.

If you are looking for a push button solution, then this is a good point to exit!

What is your online income right now?

How much are you getting every MONTH for your online efforts?

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Traveling around the globe for holidays is great fun
Traveling around the globe for holidays is great fun | Source

Let me share with you my background...

Before I proceed further, let me share a little of my background with you.

I used to be in the corporate world and I was the VP of Sales for a large listed software company.

While there, I really enjoyed my role and found it exiting to be able to meet my quota numbers year after year. There is a nice financial reward for meeting the quotas as well as other perks and trips to exotic locations around the world.

While I was with the company, my wife and I have been to exotic locations such as Kenya, South Africa, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Brazil and many more countries on an all expenses paid five stars holiday as a reward for my achievements each financial year.

However I found that I was spending less and less time with my family as I have to spend more and more time at work to bring in the quota numbers which increases every year. So four years ago, I decided to call it a day with the company.

Brick and mortar or Internet?

After I left the company I decided to take life easy and spend more time with my family. The son of a friend recommended me to do some internet business to pass my time.

He told me to research the internet to find some easy how to make money on the internet! As I was totally unfamiliar with the internet business at that time, I took his recommendation. Wow, as an newbie, it seems that making money from the internet was so easy. All I need to do is just to write! At least that was the impression I got from reading the promotions on the "How to make money on the internet" sites.

I am sure you would have come across tons of easy to make money sites if you just search for the phrase "internet marketing". I did my research and checked out the adverts etc.

Finally I signed up with the company with the advertisement below.

The description sounds very good isn't it? Proven method, push button and money magnet!!!

Make money writing fast. Be careful when you see adverts like that above
Make money writing fast. Be careful when you see adverts like that above | Source

Inspite what was touted above, I can truly tell you that there is no easy copy and paste, push button way or money magnet. If you have been through that path, you will know that it is all hard work.

Even I spent a lot of hard work and put a lot of effort into that program, it did not work; at least not for me anyway. In fact based on the Q&A activities in their forum, I suspected that it did not work for the majority the people who bought the course.

Yes, I did get a few sales but the total of all the sales was not even sufficient to cover the cost of the course! Did I learn something from the course? Yes I did but I was far far away from creating the money magnet that was advertised in that program.

I didn't realize then, what that Guru taught was good for creating websites for selling digital products and mailing lists; however there is no way for any internet newbies to be able to compete with the professionals who have been in the business for the last 5 to 10 years.

This is akin to an ordinary child in grade one competing in a math quiz with someone from university. Unless the child is an extra ordinary gifted genius, there is no way for the average kid in grade one to be able to compete with the university student.

How long have you been in the online business

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Squidoo has since merged with Hubpages around August 2014
Squidoo has since merged with Hubpages around August 2014 | Source

As I had no desire to go back to the brick and mortar business, I had to find an alternative. This time I choose to fully focus on how to make money writing. My earlier internet business was "partial" writing as I had to deal with web site creation, domain set up etc

Due to my technical background, I chose to write reviews on technical subjects.

My first platform was Squidoo. I wrote many Squidoo lenses. Lenses are articles in Squidoo just like hubs in Hubpages. Initially, the returns were meager. However l persisted and soon managed to build up the organic search engine traffic to my Squidoo lenses.

I was getting reasonable incomes from the sales of products from Amazon, eBay as an affiliate as well as the shared revenues from Squidoo. However, one day, out of a sudden, all that ended up in smoke! Squidoo shut down my account without telling me why!

The worst thing was that Squidoo wouldn't even entertain my queries as to what I had done wrong or my appeals. My emails to them went unanswered. I did not know what I did wrong as some of my Squidoo lenses were ranking very well. There are many lenses that were less than the overall top 100 category. Fyi, a new lens could be in the 500,000 plus rank category. The lesser the number, the higher the rank is in Squidoo.

With Squidoo, I was careful to follow their Terms Of Service (TOS) as my lenses were a revenue generator for me. Yet my account got shut down. As it was a free platform, there was nothing I could do.

Are you doing any online business now?

If you are, are you doing

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Zujava is quite similar to Squidoo
Zujava is quite similar to Squidoo | Source
eZine Articles seems dated with its text only format
eZine Articles seems dated with its text only format | Source

I next tried Zujava but I did not like it. I did not really understand how they share their revenue. So I decided to move on until I found Hubpages.

In between that, I have also tried a few other writing and revenue sharing platforms.

I had written for eZinesArticles and was ranked as their diamond author. The diamond author is their highest level for their authors with good writing skills.

However, I have also stopped writing for eZinesArticles as I felt that it was not able to help me make the money I was looking for on the internet. I was only using eZines for backlinking purposes.

On top of that, I also found that people had been hijacking my eZine articles verbatim but yet the copied articles were above my original article when I searched for it using the Google search engine!

This article is written in Hubpages and is fondly referred to as a hub by people who writes in Hubpages
This article is written in Hubpages and is fondly referred to as a hub by people who writes in Hubpages | Source


I have been writing articles for Hubpages for a few months already.

During this time, I found Hubpages to be a good platform and I particularly like their modular formats. These were slightly different from the Squidoo modules that I was used to but I easily got adjusted to the Hubpages way of building up my writings.

I am enrolled in their Ad, eBay and Amazon programs. Right now, I have only a few hubs - that's what they call their article pages. I find that the organic traffic is starting to build up and I am having a total of 300 to 400 hits a day for the small number of hubs (less than 15) that I had published so far.

Even though I am grateful for the chance to make some money with Hubpages, these are all very "small" money. If you want to know, it is between $100 to $500 a month for the various programs in Hubpages that I am getting for now.

More than 80% of writers are earning less than $5 for their Google Adsense CPM in this survey participated by 75 readers as of 24 Apr 2014.
More than 80% of writers are earning less than $5 for their Google Adsense CPM in this survey participated by 75 readers as of 24 Apr 2014. | Source

In order to make money writing in Hubpages, I enrolled in the Google Adsense program as well as use Amazon and eBay modules.

Google AdSense is Google program that you must enroll with Google so that website publishers can easily use it to display relevant Google ads and you get paid for it. However do note that Google will need some "credentials" from you before they will allow you in their program.

With Hubpages, it is recommended that you create at least 10 hubs before you apply. This number is only a guideline as I have also seen people being rejected by Google even though they applied when they have 10 hubs.

While there may be a minuscule people making a lot of money with Google Adsense CPM program, the stark truth is that the majority are making just pennies.Yes the majority is you and I!

I am sure you will agree with me if you have been reading the forums. I could give you examples after examples but the poll results on the above right that I got from a fellow hubber sums it all up!

Out of the 75 readers who took the poll, only 16% or 12 readers earned over a measly $5 a month!!! The rest, 84% or 63 readers earned less than $5 a month for their efforts to make money writing in Hubpages!

Why are we getting so little for CPM? Well, I guess the explanation below from another hubber sums it all up.

Posted by janderson99
Posted by janderson99 | Source

Unless you have really heavy traffic to your hubs or you have many hubs, you can easily calculate for yourself how much you can make per month based on your traffic volume. I guess, for many people, it is literally pennies...

This Hubber made $102 in AdSense Earnings after 5 months with 84 hubs and 35,000 page views. He has 965 followers.
This Hubber made $102 in AdSense Earnings after 5 months with 84 hubs and 35,000 page views. He has 965 followers. | Source

You will know what I mean if you look at the statistics above. This is data from a very seasoned hubber with nearly 1,000 followers.He wrote a massive 84 hubs (massive by my standards anyway) with 35,000 page views and he got $102 in ad sense earnings on month 5.

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to belittle the earnings. However for me, if I need to make money writing for a living and if I am getting that kind of earnings, it is going to be a very long journey for me.

So in order to earn a decent income, I know that I have no choice but to find an alternative way.

Amazon is an online merchant. Amazon started selling books but now it sells almost everything
Amazon is an online merchant. Amazon started selling books but now it sells almost everything | Source

Even though I was not getting the kind of money that I had wanted as an affiliate of Amazon after moving to Hubpages, I had a feeling that I could do more with Amazon.

After all, I made most of my money selling physical products on Amazon as an affiliate.

So I did my research and found these amazing facts about Amazon:

  • 80 million paying customers every month!
  • More than USD2,000 in sales every minute!
  • Has more than 200,000,000 items for sale
  • 16 enormous warehouses in 15 states and continuing to grow
  • Best of all, allows people like us to sell our products there

eBay started as an online auction but has since evolved to be an electronic market place
eBay started as an online auction but has since evolved to be an electronic market place | Source

I could sell on eBay but I found many things about selling on eBay that I did not like. One of those was the troublesome and time consuming fulfillment process.

With eBay and self fulfillment, it means that I have to ship items to my customers one at a time. I should be happy when I have more business but it also meant that I have to spend more time on the fulfillment process - which defeats my purpose of having an online business; that is to spend more time with my family and have more time for leisure and traveling!

Worst of all, it also meant that I was tied to my eBay business and I cannot plan for long holidays due to the fact that I need to do the fulfillment myself.

However this program from Amazon called Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA for short takes care of the fulfillment and other mundane things for me for just a little extra cost which I felt was very justifiable.

Just imagine this scenario:

If I want to sell 100 units of a certain product in eBay, and assuming 1 eBay customer purchase 1 unit, then I will have to fulfill 100 times.

However, with FBA, what I need to do is just to ship 1 box of 100 units to Amazon and Amazon will take care of the shipment of the 100 units whenever the sales comes in! Comparing the effort I need to ship out 100 of these units myself!

Watch this amazing video of FBA from Amazon:

Advantages of Fulfillment by Amazon FBA

Before I ventured in, I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track and I listed out all the things that I like about FBA and I am sharing them with you here:

  • With FBA, I don't need to have a large storage place in my house. Whatever I bought, I will ship them immediately to Amazon. Amazon takes care of the storage and warehousing for me for a small storage fee
  • Since Amazon stores and ships my products, there is no need to put items on vacation hold
  • Amazon handles all the customer service and returns
  • Time saved - I saved a lot of time to manually do things which I now "outsourced" to FBA, thus allowing me more time to source for more products or spend time with my family

As an eBay seller, I found the FBA program to be fantastic especially when I can outsource the storage, shipping, and customer service of my items to Amazon. FBA allows me to have a completely scalable and almost risk-free business model with a near-zero entry cost.

In fact with FBA, almost anyone anywhere in the world can sell on Amazon. However to be successful, you just need to know how to do it.

The easiest way is to scan the internet as there are a lot of free resources floating on the internet on how to sell your products in Amazon through FBA. Or, you could buy those how to do information from Amazon or elsewhere via books, eBooks, videos etc.

However, for me time is money. So instead of searching for different information and trying to piece them together in a trial and error manner, I decided to look for a course instead of looking for those free resources or getting an eBook from Amazon.

I needed something comprehensive to minimize the trial and error process as much as possible. So a course is the best approach for me.

After an extensive search, I found what I felt were two good courses on FBA - The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) and the Proven Amazon Course (PAC).

However after looking closely at the contents of both courses, I felt that they were very nearly similar.

So I went with the PAC as I felt that the ASM's price of $3,497.00 was way too expensive as compared to the $249.00 of PAC. I do not know but I guess the ASM could be priced that way because at the point of writing, the course was just about to be taught live over the web.

Anyway for me, what is important is to understand the basics of the business. Once I have grasp some of the concepts, I will have to dive in and get my feet wet. For me, that's the only way to learn.

So PAC was just nice for me. With PAC I got a lot of useful material as well as a free $99.00 life membership to a forum with people selling at Amazon as members. I got to learn a lot in a short time without the pains of trial and error via the forum. I felt that what I picked up from the forum helped me avoid the pains, tears, frustrations and lost time.

I also noticed that many of the eBooks provided as part of the PAC free resource was also being sold at Amazon. As it was provided for free in PAC, that was money saved for me. By the way, there is also a supplementary course sold at $99 that is provided free when you buy the PAC.

Right now what I am doing is to continue to make money writing through Adsense in Hubpages and at the same time testing the waters as an Amazon FBA seller. I believe the income potential as an actual physical product seller at Amazon will have a potential to be much more than just trying to make money writing at Hubpages or elsewhere.

What is your opinion at this point?

Do you still think it is possible to make money writing to replace your regular income?

See results

Time for decision and action...

I am just sharing this with my fellow hubbers and readers as I know your frustrations; especially for some of us who are trying to make a living from the internet from writing.

If you are making just pennies from Google Adsense CPM and you don't mind working hard at the initial stages and is serious about looking at the different avenues available to you to make some decent money online, then a good place to learn the ropes on the FBA business at Amazon is at the Proven Amazon Course.

I believe Jim, the creator of the PAC also offers a more personal mentoring style of training if that is the style of learning that you are more comfortable with.You will learn faster if there is someone coaching you.

On the other hand if you are new and would still like to test the waters on making money writing and if you are not already signed up in Hubpages, you can also take a similar approach as me by signing up as a writer with Hubpages first while at the same time check out the PAC program to see if it is suitable for your lifestyle.

In this way, you could test the waters at Hubpages and hopefully you can make some money writing as well.

By the way, these are my personal experience that I am sharing with you. Different people may have different experiences, so please excuse me if your experience at writing for money are much more positive than what I have encountered.

If you find this hub useful, then please share it via the share buttons on the right or copy this link and paste it on your blog, social media, Facebook etc

I wish you all the success in your quest to make some decent income on the internet; may that be trying to make money writing in Hubpages or selling products in Amazon.

If you find the information useful, why don't you share it? Use the social media buttons on the left edge.

I would love to hear from you on your experience. Kindly share your thoughts or experience with us!

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