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Why you need Mr. Suzuki to Succeed in hubpages

Updated on June 24, 2009

Many will be wondering by now what the hell this is all about. For this great teacher known as Suzuki knew where the problem was.

Before we see why you need Mr. Suzuki, let’s recap the story of this wise teacher and a clever student, once upon a time there was a bright student who wanted to enroll in one of Mr. Suzuki’s master’s degree courses. With all the knowledge and information the bright student had, he knew that he knows everything than the teacher himself.

After being accessed he was finally enrolled into the class for the master degree course, which classes went by and everybody was learning very well. When the time came for examinations, the bright student knew that nobody can defeat him, but when the results out the following term, to his surprise he was told to repeat by Mr. Suzuki. The bright student knew that Mr. Suzuki was against him by denying him the chances to move to the next level but reluctantly agree to repeat the class.

To the surprise of the bright student who knew everything in class was told to repeat again for the second time due to poor performance. All this time everybody who had lower grade were coming and graduating leaving higher grade graduate to repeat.

When school was opened for the third time the brighter student was called by Mr. Suzuki where they had a one on one chat. During the talk Mr. Suzuki had a kettle full of tea and a glass, he was told to hold the glass on the left and pour the tea in the glass with the right hand.

Real lesson had started why the student kept on failing and failing, Mr. Suzuki observed as Mr Bright did all this and to Mr. Suzuki surprised, he had to stop when the glass was full with tea. But Mr. Suzuki kept on telling the bright student to continue poring tea into the glass, the bright student ask why he should pour more tea yet the glass was but he was told that he has to follow instruction since they were carrying a practical lesson

The glass was full and the tea kept pouring out, then he was told to stop and wait for the results


Mr. Suzuki told the bright student that he’s head was the glass while the tea was the information. But the student could still not understand, Mr. Suzuki had to elaborate more. The bright students head was full and pouring out information. For the student to pass Mr. Suzuki class he needed to have emptied his glass (head) to avoid pouring out information

Back to hubpages you need to empty your glass and learn from Mr. Suzuki who are here, there are many hubbers with lot of experience and information on how to succeed in hubpages. Do not be bright otherwise you will know nothing thinking that you know everything, let Mr. Suzuki from hubpages take over


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    • profile image

      Dr. Wensley Jefferson 8 years ago


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