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Writing Hubs Legally on

Updated on May 18, 2012

I Was Unaware of the Rules on

When you write on HubPages, your hubs need to be 100% original. Now, when I say "original" I don't necessarily mean the subject matter. For example, if you want to write a hub about how to properly change a flat tire, you are obviously not the first person to ever put something up online about that topic. What I mean by original is the actual content. So, the words, sentences, paragraphs, ideas, etc. need to be your own. I was actually unaware of this when I started on HubPages. My first 7 hubs did not violate the ethics code on However, I wrote my 2nd hub for the "30 hubs in 30 days" challenge (so, my 9th hub overall), and I had violated the rules. I will admit, I took most of the material for my 9th hub from a powerpoint presentation that I did a year ago while in graduate school. And obviously, when I originally did the powerpoint I had taken information from the internet.

I Fixed my Mistakes (hopefully)

Writing on can be very rewarding, in many ways (which can be explained in another hub entirely). Besides the personal positive perks, HubPages is popular and has a great standing on the internet. They are known for a high amount of quality work by its members. This is because HubPages has standards for any written material submitted on the website. And they should! This is why they have become so popular......because they enact high standards and they make sure the standards are being met. So, I was definitely not upset when my 9th hub was declined because it didn't meet these standards (which I didn't read about beforehand, but obviously should have). It took me by surprise at first, and then reminded me that HubPages is a very professional website. It made me feel more proud to be a part of the HubPages community.

There are many good things about One good thing is that they give you the chance to fix your mistakes. So, I fixed best as I could. Most of the stuff in my 9th hub I already knew about, so I tried my hardest to completely re-write the hub directly from my own brain. I can only hope that it was enough. Hopefully the hub will be accepted again by the time any of you are reading this hub right now.

Any More Mistakes and I Just Might Get the Boot

I learned that if you violate the legal rules so many time, and try to re-submit written material many times because of these mistakes, you could (unfortunately) get removed from HubPages. This is the absolute last thing that I would ever want to happen to me because of all the hard work I have already put into my writing and because of all the hard work I still have yet to do in order to be successful.

However, I am glad that HubPages notified me of my "legal issues" because I wouldn't want someone coming across my work and realizing that I stole what they originally wrote. That was never my initial intention, at all. It was good to experience this at the beginning of my HubPages journey so that I can avoid making legal mistakes now from here on out.

The internet is an amazing resource....a great place to get information. HubPages allows you to contribute to this insanely huge mass of information, as long as it's legally written.....meaning, the words are entirely yours and no one else's.


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