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Writing Shorter Hubpages Means Writing Better Hubs!

Updated on March 14, 2012

Today's youth enjoys instant message, eating fast food, and surfing the high-speed internet. If a utility isn't instantly recievable, it's obsolete! I've found so far that the most successful hubpages are the brief ones! Just like everything else in thier life, if a teen is going to read a Hubpage, they want it quick, focused, and to the point.

Now, this of course does not mean to sacrifice the quality of the writing! Some of the better (and shorter) Hubpages I've seen simply do a better job of consolodating both information and sources to cut out all the unneccessary information. This addition of this unneccessary information (which, need I say it, is unneccessary) is what's going to make your reader close the page! Here's a couple tips for writing those brief and better Hubpages...

1. No Fluff!

If you find yourself writing and writing just to try and fill up the page (eg. trying to get the word count up to 300 or 500 just to do it) you are only hurting your Hubpage. In the harsh reality of the internet, no one's going to want to read the fluff you just threw in there for substance. Write only what has purpose and further proves or supports what you have to say!

2. Only Write What You Believe!

Odds are, if you're writing a Hub just to write one and don't really believe in anything you're saying... THE WHOLE PAGE IS FLUFF. A lack of truth and/or passion in your writing can and will create a lack of interest in the reader. The best thing about Hubpages is that a member can write a Hubpage about ANYTHING. Use that to your advantage! Choose only to write Hubpages about topics you are most passionate about as this will naturally make your writing more interesting and truthful.

3. If You're Not Blogging, Don't Write Like You Are!

Opinion pieces on Hubpages are great! If you are trying to write a factual article, however, avoid voicing and/or focusing on your own view too much. Focusing too much on your own opinion can lead to rambling and going off on tangents. In order to keep the Hubpage brief and effective, cut all that nonsense!

Your Hubpages don't have to be pages and pages long to get a good score! Just make sure that what you write is on topic, well written, and shows some insight! Good Luck, and Happy Hubbing!


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    • SheliaKay profile image

      SheliaKay 6 years ago from Marietta, Ohio..... but born and raised in Northern Ohio on Lake Erie

      Great hub. I happen to agree about keeping it short and to the point. I am new and trying to learn so I am reading all I can. The hubs that hold my interest are like yours, I'm afraid the longer ones with the "fluff" tend to lose my interest from the start so I don't finish it. Thank you for this very usefuf advice. Blessings to you