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Writing a Group of Hubs on a Topic | How does that help !

Updated on May 20, 2011

Write more hubs on a topic

I mentioned few things on other hub that writing more hubs on a same topic helps. Now in this hub I am going to do some deep analysis on the same subject and we shall discuss how this will really prove helpful in your hub traffic.

Deeper Examination

Let's examine the subject in the point format.

1. More Hubs mean more page-views | More Revenue

Now this is very easy to understand. If you distribute your content over a subject into many hubs then you have got yourself more hubs and this directly means more traffic, more page views which will generate more advertisement revenue for you.

2. More hubs = More knowledge.

Now you can easily see where I am going, now if you write more hubs on a topic it is easy to understand that the writer has more knowledge n understanding on the given topic. Hence this will bring more reputation.

3. This also increases your Author score and hub score of each of the given hubs.

4. You can enable the on-page SEO linking strategy. Hence you get more link juice. Like if you write 5 hubs on a topic then on each hub you can link other hubs on the same topic. This will increase the reader experience and definitely proves helpful in your SEO campaign.

5. It will help your hubs being short and attention grabbers

Now if you write a hub on a topic and you try to provide your readers with full content then it is obvious that it will become lengthy and hence will distract your readers. Keep it to the point, cut each hub into subsections make new hub. Keep readers wanting for more and generate traffic.

6. Helps you in providing more and deeper levels of content.

If you write more hubs that converts into more online real estate and hence provide you resource to examine the subject in much deeper levels. Hence you can highlight the relatively left out points and this can prove very beneficial.




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    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 6 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      I appreciate you finding me, Blog Journal~~ as I believe you have many lessons to teach... I found this article to be USEFUL & also Voted UP~~ thank you!

    • BlogJournal profile image

      BlogJournal 7 years ago from Blogosphere

      Thanks nomadicasian to stop by and provide a useful feedback


    • profile image

      nomadicasian 7 years ago

      Nice hub.