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Writing a Hub - From Start to Finish

Updated on May 14, 2012

How I Write My Hubs

Well I was just answering a question about how you write your hubs, when I realised that I had not finished typing and I had already written more than 150 words as a reply, when I saw the 'Make a hub about it' button! As I am in hubwriting mode right now I thought 'good idea'!

So this hub is just an explanation about how I write my hubs from start to finish. I can't pretend to be a highly successful hubber compared to many others but I have built up a good collection of hubs that is earning me a small amount of money from both the Hubpages Ads and from Amazon. In fact I have 2 hubpages accounts (I write on a specific niche for the other account) and between these two accounts I make around $50 a month in Hubpages Ad Program Earnings. I am hoping to increase these earning as time goes on by writing more and tuning my hubs so that they get more views. My aim is to earn $500 a month from all of my online writing.

Writing Hubs - The Steps

So these are the steps that I take when writing a new hub:

  1. Have an idea or have a photo that leads to an idea - I always have my camera to hand and think about the things I see - a prime example of this is my Battersea Power Station hub where I saw it from the train and took a picture as I really loved the architecture of the building and had been following the possible development of it for years.
  2. Keyword research - I never used to do this - at the start I just wrote about things I knew but now I find the best keyword with the lowest competition and highest number of searches and base my hub around that. I do this by firstly going to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and testing my keywords in there to see how much traffic they will generate. If I have not chosen a great phrase, or it is one that is too general then I will refine it to something more specific.
    I also go back to old hubs that are not working and check the keywords on that. One hub I have recently changed that I wrote before my keyword research phase is Art Copyright - I'll see if that ups the views in the next few weeks. However, an exception is my Hubpages hubs where I don't bother with keyword research as I guess that most of my views will be from Hubpages itself.
  3. I make sure I write the hub including at least one image (something relevant either that I have taken or even an image I have created) and an amazon capsule only if it is required, making sure to get exactly relevant products (I see quite a few hubs that have totally irrelevant Amazon products in them). In the hub previews it will show an image and if there is no image it will show your profile picture so I always think it is better to include an image, as well as the fact that it makes the hub look better. Amazon capsules need close attention so that you do not get completely unrelated products.
  4. At the start of the hub I will always have a text capsule of around 150 words so that there is room for an ad block right next to it. if needs be I will split up the text capsules so that there are relevant headings in between each paragraph and photos can be aligned with particular bits of text.
  5. Make sure I include a summary, group the hub, have filled in all the titles for the text modules and have included my main keyword at least 4-5 times.
  6. I will change any links I have to external sites to open in a new window (controversial topic?). With the new text module you now have to do this in the html (click html on the left end of the toolbar and where you have the end of the <a> tag, i.e. after the link address, add in target="_blank")
  7. Publish the hub to see what it looks like and make any amendments that are necessary (I find that I can only see some things when a hub has been published).
  8. Once the hub has been published I may tweet it or add a link in any other sites that I have on the go that are relevant - however, sometimes i will leave the linkbuilding until later to see how the hub performs on it's own merit.
  9. Over time do more backlinking and keep checking content is appropriate and doesn't need updating. I have 2 main places that I use to create backlinks - each one creates 25-30 backlinks at a time but does take a bit of work to get those links. You can check out those backlinking sites in my profile too (I don't think I'm allowed to post them in the hub).

Hubpages - How to Write Hubs


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    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Yes BBG, I also have the 'wing it' hubs. Must go back and edit some of those too!

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 6 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      Good tips - I have kind of a similiar process and then on other times I just wing it! However, I have been feeling lazy lately so I have even published hubs without adding links or sometimes Amazon capsules. They have been rated low... I will go back and check them out when I am back in edit mode.

    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the comment Phil, the more I write the more I analyse and change what I do so maybe in a few months I will add more to this!

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Thanks for your tips, I do some of what you have spelled out but not all of it.