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Writing a Successful HubPage Article

Updated on March 2, 2018
Monique K-G profile image

A fairly new Hubber, who is still developing my writing style to engage the viewer and to explore my abilities.

In this tutorial, I will be giving tips on how to write successful HubPage article, that generate more traffic, and engage the viewer more. For my references, I will be using a successful article I've published, and a less successful article.

Both of these articles are tutorials for artistic activities.

Screenshot of my Article Views (with marking to highlight key data)
Screenshot of my Article Views (with marking to highlight key data)

The poorer quality article was published 3 days before the higher quality article, which allowed for the same amount of potential traffic, however the 'Painting Galaxies' is fairing much better than the 'Headphone case' article.

I believe one factor is due to the title.


Titles need to Capture the viewer's attention, and need to be clear and simple.

The title is the part that first catches the viewers' attention, and normally is the key to being found. If the title is irrelevant, then it will be harder for someone to come across it, however if the title is clear and direct, then it may be easily found.

When thinking of a title for your Hub, make sure to use key words so that it can be easily found, without having to type out the full title into the web browser.

DIY Decorative Headphone Case
How to Paint Galaxies
- Long
- Short
- Not Clear/Confusing Topic
- Clear Topic
Improvement: "Decorating a Headphone Case Tutorial"
Improvement: "How to Paint Galaxies Tutorial"


A biography can be used to help demonstrate a qualification (related to the Hub that's being written), and to gain a bond between the author and the user.


The Summary is the first thing the viewer sees of your article when browsing - make sure it count!

The summery should be inviting, and engaging. The summary can also be used as the base of your introduction of your article, or the introduction can be entirely unique.


When writing your article, it is important to separate your paragraphs. This can be achieved by using separate text capsules, using clear subtitles, and interrupting it with other capsules. I generally use images and callouts to separate the text, as they provide some visual imagery, and they are normally useful to help support the text.

The left is the content for my 'Headphone Cases,' and the right is the content for 'Painting Galaxies.'
The left is the content for my 'Headphone Cases,' and the right is the content for 'Painting Galaxies.'


Three factors that HubPages suggests to create a successful article include word count, image, and the use of other capsules.

Depending on the purpose of the article, the total word count will vary; an informative article (e.g. something scientific), is probably going to have more words than a tutorial article. The key factor is to ensure that you use enough detail, and to make sure the article isn't too short.

Images are mainly to engage the viewer, to separate the text, and to prevent the article from looking like an essay or report for school or work. It is essential to use images to support the text, and to help the viewer to visualise certain aspects of the text.

The third section is the 'other' section, where the writer is encouraged to use some other capsules that allow the viewer to participate (voting poll or rating), or to help organise the article's structure. Some examples include a video and table, which I used in my 'Painting Galaxies tutorial.'

Other Content Capsules

The different capsules that can be used in an article are categorised into sections.

  • Core: includes the standard capsules, that are likely to be used multiple times within an article.
  • Supplementary: includes a variety of capsules that can be used to improve the overall quality of the article.
  • Product: this includes a single capsule that allows someone to link an amazon product to their article.
  • Recipe: includes most capsules required for a recipe, however these capsules can be used for non-recipe articles (e.g. ask the audience for their opinion on how useful the article was).


Remember to always finish with some form of a summary or some words of encouragement and inspiration! When summarising, make sure to not repeat the summary at the beginning, as repeating something too often could make the viewer lose interest.

The main key to creating a successful HubPage article is to practice, learn from the feedback the HubPage officials give you, and develop your own style; a style that suits you.

Credit to Author (who I couldn't find)
Credit to Author (who I couldn't find)

Good luck writing your articles and sharing your thoughts with the World!

© 2018 Monique K-G


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