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Yaa Group

Updated on December 5, 2014

The Yaa group

Yaa is a group founded by Anand Jha and Dhruv Kumar. The Idea of Yaa and the main origination came from Dhruv Kumar. Anand Jha and Kunal(Boxer) contributed in promoting the group and increasing the member count.

Yaa currently has a WhatsApp Group Named Yaa- The World Of #$%@, The slogan of Yaa is Full Batauli and it consists of Talented people. these talented people have mastered the art of Batauli, and can make anybody cry and run away with their trash talk.

Yaa Group was created in WhatsApp and is considered the main group, The group was created by Anand Jha.

The Most Important Members of the Yaa group are

Dhruv Kumar, Anand Jha, Kunal(Boxer), Avishek, Maker, Shashi

They are the core members of the group and that, without them the group would be empty.


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