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About MarcGuberti

Updated on June 22, 2013

The Teenager Entrepreneur

I enjoy writing on Squidoo, and it is a great passion of mine. I want to eventually be the owner of 1,000 lenses, and that would be really awesome. However, I don't spend my entire life on Squidoo. I am a great soccer player who roots for his Red Sox. My lenses reflect my character as well as my hobbies such as building legos of all kinds. I am a teen on Squidoo who wants to share his message and tell others what he thinks about various topics. I have fun on Squidoo and off of Squidoo.


Those are my yellow cleats right when I got them from a store, and they look nothing like in the picture (I've been playing with them a lot now). Any kind of lens idea that pops into my head usually becomes a lens, so I created one lens about soccer cleats. These soccer cleats are comfortable, and on my first game of the season, I scored 3 goals in the second half of the game. All three goals were five minutes apart late in the game, so I am no Lebron James. I also play basketball, but not on a team. I occasionally find a hop and shoot at it, but my real passion is soccer.

Mitre Soccer Cleats on Amazon

Mitre Valhalla II YOUTH (kids) MS5327 Black/Red Soccer Cleats - Size 11.0 US
Mitre Valhalla II YOUTH (kids) MS5327 Black/Red Soccer Cleats - Size 11.0 US

These Mitre Cleats were the start of my amazing soccer career (in youth soccer). These were the first cleats I wore when doing tricks like scissors, overlapping, and more! These cleats had a comfortable feel and enough space for the foot (until I outgrew them) and gave my kick more power. I utilized that power onto other cleats, but I started with Mitre Soccer cleats, and they are inexpensive, so you don't have to worry. Of course, I didn't start off with size 11 Mitre Cleats, but they are a great brand of cleat for any soccer player.


Let's Go Red Sox

What kind of an About Me lens would this be if I didn't mention the Red Sox? My dedication for this team helped me find Squidoo. I have been rooting for the Red Sox ever since 2004, when they won the World Series. As a young fan at the time, I decided to go and root for the Red Sox. I was cheering for them when they won the 2007 World Series and root for them today. I think that Dustin Pedroia has a great story based on his baseball career, but Josh Beckett is my favorite player for two reasons. First of all, he beat the Yankees in the 2003 World Series and owned them. The first reason should be good enough, but we have a souvenir from Fenway Park, a baseball from one of Josh Beckett's complete game shutouts, and it was conveniently Beckett's 100th career win as well.

Yugioh Cards

I do write about what I love, and Yugioh Cards are no exception. I have over 50 Decks of Yugioh Cards. Don't ask me how many Yugioh Cards I have because it can range from 100,000 to 1,000,000 yugioh cards. I have been a fanatic since the beginning (when I got my first booster pack) and still continue to play the game. I have over 10 yugioh lenses that I update with good quality content since I know so much about the game. I haven't gotten as many duels lately, but the lenses about Yugioh Cards keep my passion alive.


I have always had a thing with celebrating milestones. I create lenses about some of these milestones, and I rejoice about others. Celebrating milestones is my thing, and I will always love to do it. I have over 100 lenses which I have created from scratch. I have the 150 featured lens trophy, and I will celebrate that milestone as well once I create a few more lenses.

I Write About What I See

A couple of months ago, I was watching a 60 Minutes show about Polo, a horse game. I would never play polo, but I was attracted by the horses. I ended up creating 3 pages/lenses all about horses. I created pages/lenses about the Clydesdale, the Arabian, and the Miniature Horse. The Clydesdale Horse was the first lens/page I wrote about horses, so the Clydesdale Horse deserves the front cover to this post. I enjoy learning about different things through my Squidoo adventures.

Teen on Squidoo

I am proud to be a fellow teen on Squidoo. I started with a Wordpress Blog that now gets over 300 visits a day. I wanted to have monetized websites which is how I found Squidoo. I am always trying to get more of my lenses into better Tiers because in my opinion, I have way too many Tier 4 lenses. I still get A's in school and have a partial scholarship to a great high school.

iPhone App

I have seen many companies such as Rovio with Angry Birds succeed because of their iPhone apps. These companies' successes are what inspired me to go into C++ programming. So far, I have created a super quiz game, and once I learn more about C++, I will create an iPhone app. I have an idea in place, and I can't wait to see what it becomes.

I'm A YouTuber

I use YouTube to promote myself as well as some of my Squidoo lenses. I promoted the Nerf Guns and Darts lens that was featured on the Toys Quest Squidoo Monster Board. I also talk about individual Lego Sets and Yugioh Cards.

My Channel

Here are some of the videos that I have made. I will be making more videos soon.

I Challenge Myself To Do More

I have a lot of Tier 4 lenses on my Squidoo lensmaster profile, and that is going to change really soon. I have a Pinterest board up about all of my Squidoo lenses that I want to become Tier 3's very soon. I add a lot of content to these lenses, and I have been working them into solid Tier 3 rankings. In the end, I get more quality lenses bringing me more income. If you want to view my Pinterest board about Lenses I Need To Get To Tier 3, then you can click here now.

How Do You Like My Story?

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    • nguberti profile image


      6 years ago

      I love your story as you've come a long way! So proud.

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 

      6 years ago

      it's nice to meet you. hopefully, you will be one of the giant squids.


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