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About Me: What I Like About Myself

Updated on December 7, 2012

Love Yourself

One of the things I hear constantly to help build self esteem is to list 10 things you like about yourself when your feeling blue. So I said what better way to introduce myself to the Squidoo community!? I will be updating this lens periodically! Not only will this help me feel good about myself but I hope that for each thing I list you will list one about yourself as well. Lets do this together!

The Most Important Thing...

is that you think about the things you like about yourself while your reading this. Don't be discouraged if you feel like you can't think of enough. It's all there, you just can't see it yet. The more you do it, the more confident you'll become, and the more confident you are the more you'll discover you like about yourself.

Lets Begin!!

1. I like my eyebrows

Growing up with siblings and a mom who all complained about their light blond eyebrows has made me appreciate my brown ones. Thanks guys haha.

My hairdo!
My hairdo!


I like my hair

I used to want beautiful curly hair, but after hearing girls with curly hair complain about it so much I've learned that everyone wants someone else's hair. So instead of wasting energy distressing over all the things you dislike about your hair, remember that there are tons of people out there who want your hair. If you don't believe it, think about those who don't have hair at all! Some would probably be happy with even the most unruly hair!


I like my eyes

I have hazel eyes (green and brown).

My Eye
My Eye
Hug Yourself!
Hug Yourself!


I like my body.

I used to have problems with my body image. I'm skinny, it's my moms genes, and it's very hard for us to gain weight. Girls who were bigger than me would always make comments about how skinny I was saying they were jealous, etc, "Ugh your so skinny, it's so annoying". Or worse jokingly say "you probably don't eat as much as me, you're like anorexic!". Or people will make comments about how bony I am and It would make me really self conscious. I wouldn't want to wear certain clothes because of that. I would always get so upset when people would say I was anorexic because I wasn't and I actually love to eat. When me and my boyfriend go to dinner I eat more than him and he weighs about 180 pounds. But I just learned to accept and see that a lot of people wish they had my body, so why can't I cherish it too? Wouldn't I rather be like this than be obese and have health problems? You can always be a lot more unhealthy than you are now. You could even be dead! So love what you have! (but try to be healthy too) The fact that I'm more developed also helped, since I don't look like a board anymore lol.


I like my smile

I like my smile, I am satisfied with my teeth, and I think smiling makes everyone more beautiful!

6. I like that I don't cuss

That's a rare find now days.


I like my..BUTT

What can I say? It's kinda nice.


I like that I feel bad about gossiping.

Whenever I find myself gossiping or talking bad about someone I get a guilty conscience. Even if I'm just with people who are doing it but I'm not actively participating. Even if I really really don't like the person I'm talking about. I just don't like it and I don't think it's very good for the SOUL.


I like that I'm close with my family.

Sometimes my family fights among each other but I'm usually on good terms with everyone. I think that is why they vent to me about each other. I feel like I'm the peace-maker, which can get tiring, but it's an important job and I suppose it says something good about your character.

Me, little brother, nephews, and niece

Me, little brother, nephews, and niece
Me, little brother, nephews, and niece

10. - I like that I can enjoy a wide range of music

For example, I enjoy Celtic Woman, Sarah Brightman, classical, indie, alternative, foreign music...etc.


I like that I am slow to anger.

There have been times when I've been angry with someone and I wanted to tell them off, but then the anger just dies down. I'm tolerant and I try to be nice and I'm just too passive for violence and yelling.


I like that people feel like they can talk to me about their problems. People always tell me that it's easy to open up and talk about personal things with me.


I like that people think I'm wise and/or level headed

I too usually think these things, though I might not always take my own advice. This is part of why people like to talk to me about things, they feel I can give wise advice. Sometimes someone I barely even talk to think this and I wonder why, but either way I try to live up to these expectations. One reason I think people like coming to me for advice is that I try to tell it like it is, but gently. I tend to know when to be harsh and when to be gentle.


I like how attune I am to peoples emotions.

I feel like I am very in touch with other peoples emotions. Sometimes when I'm in a big group I feel like while other people are not taking notice, I take notice of someone who is upset, stressed out, shy, confused, or what be it. I think one reason for this is possibly growing up with my mom. There are a lot of emotions she doesn't show as easily as other people and I've learned to read them. I think I've especially learned to tell when she, as well as my little brother, are getting stressed out by the subtle hints, since they both have Asperger's Syndrome.


I like my singing voice

I love to sing and it's even better that I'm pretty decent at it! Though I am pretty shy when it comes to singing in front of people, I have gotten much more comfortable with it than I used to be. Whenever I am stressed out or anxious, singing helps bring relief and happiness back into my life.

It can be anything!

Guestbook - Tell me what you like about yourself!

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    • lifeandpeace profile image

      lifeandpeace 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Aw:D thanks so much for the feedback!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      A very nice, sweet, and honest assessment of yourself. I have been needing to redo my own bio cuz it's way too overwhelming, and have been thinking about doing shorter sections with pictures -- just haven't made time for it. So thanks for reminding me that I REALLY need to do that. I found your bio very easy to get through and fun. Thanks and best of luck to you on Squidoo!

    • lifeandpeace profile image

      lifeandpeace 6 years ago

      @poptastic: Thank you for the welcome! And my pleasure, Your lenses are just my cup of tea!

    • poptastic profile image

      Cynthia Arre 6 years ago from Quezon City

      Happy to meet you through this page Sabrina, and welcome to Squidoo! Thank you for the visits to my lenses. I'm looking forward to reading more from you! (: