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About Me: David Combs

Updated on April 26, 2015



About Me: David Combs

Just a little fun page about me. I felt like sharing and giving me hub readers a little insight in my own world. By sharing a little of myself, perhaps you will get a better understanding and appreciation of my views, ideas, and thoughts that I choose to put down on the page. Although I do not claim to know every thing, I do hope that some nugget of my knowledge and experiences will be able to help many of you in find your way in this world we both share.

About Me Page Summary:

  • About my Cat and Me
  • About My Interest and Me
  • About Ireland and Me
  • About My Spirituality and Me
  • About the Dreamer in Me

My Cat


About my Cat and Me

I am the proud owner of a cat, she has been in my life since the July 20 2005. I have had a multitude of pets growing up cats, dogs, snakes, and even rabbits, but they have been only animals to me. My father was the previous owner of my now cat for about a year, when he passed away, she was only about a year old. During my period of mourning, I brought her into my home till the family decides what to do with her.

When the choice was made that no one in the family could accommodate another cat, some do to allergies, and some do to already having dogs that would not behave well with a cat. The two options left for her where to give her to the humane society or to put her down. As I have stated above I wasn't really found of cats, they where just animals to me, but during the week we spent together, that is when we bonded, perhaps it was the fact that we both lost our fathers. From that moment, the choice was clear, she would stay with me, I have not regretted my decision to this day. I am proud to announce that she will be celebrating her 10th birthday with me on July 20 2015.

About My Interest and Me

My love of video games come from growing up in the Atari / Nintendo generation, its no wonder that I love playing video games so much. My childhood was spent playing Digdug, Yar's Revenge, and Missile command when Atari came out, and when Nintendo came out it was Mario bros, Final Fantasy, and Zelda that occupied most of my time. I am now no longer a young man, but still enjoy video games to this day. I find myself somewhat astounded by the complexity of the newer video games coming each day, I fear the day when the video game world will be to challenging for this man to manage.

My love of card games comes from card games such as Magic the Gathering. Much like I was there for the beginning of the video game world, I was also there for the beginning of the card craze called Magic the Gathering. I remember pulling a lord of the pit on my first booster pack I have ever bought. Although I haven't bought any new cards for a while I still play from time to time with my friends. To date I currently own about twenty different decks.

My love of board games also comes from my child hood, when my family and I would sometimes get together during power outages, or on summer trips to the camp and play games such as Monopoly, Sorry!, and the Game of Life. Although I don't get together with family as much, I still do a lot of board gaming with friends. I am very pleased on the variety, and selection of board games we now have today.

About Ireland and Me

Ever since I was young, Ireland has always been a fascination, an interest, and love to me. I am not Irish, I have no roots in Ireland, nor do I have descendents from the Emerald Isle. I just adore everything about it. The people, the culture, the language (Irish Gaelic witch I am now studding to learn). There is something about Ireland that seems to call to me, a wanting, a need to be, and live there.

On my 30 th birthday I decide to go, and experience this need that has been feeling. I booked an 11-day trip to Ireland. While I was there I rented a car, and drove everywhere (well everywhere but the northern part, they were still having the troubles there at hat time.) during my eleven day trip I went, and explored all it had to offer the cliff of Moher, the ring of Kerry, and yes I even kissed the Blarney Stone. From the first day that I was there I understood why this land was so important for me to see, and experience.

It has been over 10 years since that day, and I have been longing to go back there once again. I have had many dreams over the years of the time I have spent over there, and also dreams of me just booking a flight over, if only for a weekend. My commitment prevent me to fulfill my dreams at the moment, but I am taking steps in the hopes that some day I will be able live there permanently, or at the very lease spend some of my retirement days in the land that I love.

Celtic Wiccan


About My Spirituality and Me

Recent life events and perhaps the fact that I am getting older, have made me contemplate my spiritual needs in this world. I really needed something to fill this void I had in my soul. After a long while of exploring my inner self, as well as some of the diverse religions, I have been fortunate enough to find the Wiccan path.

I am not willing to share all the reasons as to what made me come to this decision of being a Celtic Wiccan, but I will say I needed a religion that has no ironclad structured rules, in which you are essentially able to form your own spirituality based around both your needs and those of your chosen gods. Wicca is a great way for anyone to improve yourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am now on my third year on this path, and happily consider myself a Celtic Wicca.

About the Dreamer in Me

Like most of you, Im sure we are all stuck in a job we don't really like, and do to the shortage of employment out their, we have no other choice but to stick with it and hope for the best. We all work day, and night to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. The daily grind can get to us all some times. That's my it is so important to have dreams and follow them. That being said, the dreamer in me wants more out of live, it wants a chance at a comfy retirement, it want the chance to see the world. But the realist in me knows that nothing really happens without some effort. This is why I have found my way to Hubpages, and other types of vehicles like it. It is my hope to makes some positive changes in my live, and to one day realize some of my dreams.

Please feel free to leave me a comment!

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