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How to increase Adsense CTR

Updated on August 11, 2012

Welcome to Adsense Treasures

Google Adsense Treasures walks you through the simple tricks and techniques essential for you to make a fortune in Google Adsense Program.

money and coins
money and coins

Text Ads vs Image Ads

Text ads are the most effective and popular of all the types of ads. Text ads should always be the first choice when you load up your site. Image ads should always be the last one

Text ads are much more effective than image ads:


Text ads are much more easier to blend to the contents of the page than image ads. With the right formatting image ads can completely blend with the other text. Whereas image ads stand out shouting,"I am an Ad, dont touch me." A text ad gives you complete freedom to change its appearance but in the image ad, you only have the freedom to alter its size and position.


An image ad occupies much more space so its better to have many text ads in the same space that one image ad takes. It really increases choices for u!


Text ads dont look like clutter but many image ads do.

4. The most important thing is that people avoid image ads. Many tests support that people are much more open to text ads related with content.

Secrets of increasing your web traffic

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Secrets of Increasing your web traffic

Sign up with Google Adsense

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Signing up with Google Adsense

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How to get the Clicks

The most important goal of a Google Adsense user is to get the valuable clicks. The clicks are the money. In order to gain the ultimate valuable clicks the most important thing to remember is to make the ads dont look like ads. Make them look like a part of the content of the page. When using text ads, you have the most number of choices to reach that goal. Google Adsense allows you to format your ads to make them match the content text on your page.

Using Tables

One of the best and neatest ways to make the ads blend into your site is to place them in tables. Tables not only blend your ads but also makes your pages neat and tidy and gives them a professional look. Use this simple script to ad tables.

Left-aligned table with AdSense: <table border="0" align="left"><tr><td> Google adsense code goes here </td></tr></table> Right-aligned table with AdSense: <table border="0" align="right"><tr><td> Google adsense code goes here </td></tr></table>

Getting Rid Of the Border

To maximize your clicks follow the 3-way matching (titles, text and background).From the very start, in the newspapers or any other paper media, the ads were marked off in thick borders to make them different from the other content on the page. Its good for them because they dont need to worry about the response that those ads would get. Their work ends after printing. But the case for the internet is entirely different. Here you have to make sure that your ads catches the users eye so that they can click on it. So the first thing to start with is to get rid of the borders. You can do that by signing in to your Adsense account then going in the ad colours and making the border colour #FFFFFF (only if your background is white otherwise enter the colour of your background).


Formatting your ads to match your content is a really a clever way to get the clicks and it can really rocket your click through rates (For SEO tips visit Search Engine Optimization - Getting the Best Quality Traffic) . Google gives you tools to achieve this. Make your ads the same size, colour and style as the content on your page.

Make your links BLUE

You are gonna make ads as sames the text, then remove the border but what about the link, the part which the user gonna click. What to do with that? The answer is simple, make it BLUE. The logic behind that idea is that people expect links to be blue in the same way as the expect danger signs to be red and warning signs to be yellow. So they are more likely to click on a blue link more than any other.

Ad Placement

Ad placement does matter. The best ads in the world wont deliver if they are not at the right places. But sometimes the ads get ignored even if they are placed at Nice places. So whats the best strategy. The best and most effective strategy is to place the ads where your content is likely to engage or interest your readers. Get your users engage and they are surely gonna click.


Follow these simple tricks and techniques maximize your clicks and in turn gain the Google Adsense Treasures.


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    • profile image

      Mr. J 5 years ago

      Nice, thanks for the info. I get CTR of 0% and am wondering what to do. I'll try this and other suggestions I'm currently checking out.

    • anasshad profile image

      Anas Shad 5 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for your visit Gamerelated.

    • Gamerelated profile image

      Gamerelated 5 years ago from California

      This is a really nice and informative Hub. I have also read your winter gardening hub. I look forward to reading some of your other Hubs.

    • anasshad profile image

      Anas Shad 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for your support guys

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 8 years ago from carthage ill

      terrific learning hub thanks

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Good hub!