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Allison Whitehead's Lensography

Updated on February 25, 2013

Allison Whitehead's Lensography

Writer, reader, cat owner (or cat possession, still not sure which), partner, business owner, food lover, blogger, tennis fan, cinema goer, bread baker, Squid Angel, Giant Squid, kid sitter, novel writer and in the three months leading up to Christmas, packer and 'mailer outer' for our own eBay business.

Whew! Did I leave anything out? Probably, but you'll find out more about me - Allison Whitehead, owner of this lensography and assorted other Squidoo lenses - as we go along.

Fun Fact #1

I write. First it was for the love of it, then it was for a career, and now (happily) it's for both.

My Writing Lenses on Squidoo

I wrote my first story at the age of about five, having asked my mum for story ideas. That was thirty five years ago. I'm still writing, but now I'm able to earn a full time living from it, and that's exactly what I've always wanted to do.

Online freelance writing jobs
Welcome to my lens which focuses on how to make money - either as an extra income or a full time job - by writing for the internet. And yes, it can be done -...

How to Write and Sell Articles
It's been over two decades now since I figured out how to sell articles but the thrill of an article acceptance has never gone away. I'm mostly asked to writ...

Successful Copywriting
This is the companion lens to Online Freelance Writing Jobs, where you can find out more about successful copywriting. It's packed with plenty of information...

Advice, Blogs, Courses and Resources for Writers
This lens is all about giving something back. When I first started writing I was on my own. It was sheer determination and pigheadedness that got me into pri...

Gifts for Writers
Writers are easy people to buy gifts for, whether it's writing gifts for Christmas or writing presents for any other time of year. There's books, jou...

Polls about paid writing jobs and gigs
Yes, there are two excellent reasons for building this lens. The first one is that I have quite a few writing lenses on Squidoo now...

Fun Fact #2

I love gardening. This crept up on me over the years, and although I'm not brilliant at it I'm learning slowly. I often wonder what my parents would think if they could see me now...

My Gardening Lenses on Squidoo

Our garden is an ongoing project that tries to fight back but I think I am gradually winning. Take a look at the first lens below to see just how bad it was before I got hold of it. (I'm not kidding, it was REALLY bad.)

The Evolution Of A Garden
Awarded Purple Star! When nature throws down a challenge, who am I to refuse? The evolution of our garden begins here... This is our back garden. I took this picture from upstai...

The Evolution Of A Garden Shed
As you'll know if you've been reading my main garden lens, The Evolution of a Garden, it's been a long journey to reach the point where we can even think abo...

Fun Fact #3

I LOVE tea. I am known as The Teapot because I must have tea every hour on the hour in order to be productive :)

My Tea Related Lenses


My favourite tea is undoubtedly Earl Grey. It's a little too fragrant for some, but nothing sets me up for a day's writing like a mug (or two) of Earl Grey.

Glass Teapot With Infuser
If you've never tried a glass teapot with infuser before, you're in for a treat. We received one for Christmas a couple of years back and it's been well used...

Tea For One Sets
Tea for one sets are ideal when you want to brew a proper cup of tea for yourself. They're also available in lots of quirky and beautiful designs, not to men...

Fun Fact #4

I love to cook. I'm not fussy - I love baking, cooking dinners, making dessert... which is quite handy since my partner hates cooking with almost as much passion as I love it!

My Cooking Related Lenses

Cooking is a passion of mine and it's not always just about the ingredients. Having the right tools for the job is just as important to me.

Diet Tips for Busy People
Ok so it's not exactly a cooking related lens but it IS related to food...

Perfectly roasted garlic potatoes
Perfect! I have always loved roast potatoes, but since my stepmum introduced me to the delights of roasted garlic potatoes I haven't been able to cook them ...

Topsy Turvy Cake Pans
If you see a cake built several layers high and yet seems to defy all the laws of gravity, you can be sure the creator of said cake used topsy turvy cake pans.

French Onion Soup Bowls
There's nothing nicer than a hearty bowl of French onion soup - and if you've got French Onion soup bowls to pour it into, so much the better!

Heart Shaped Cake Tin
If you fancy baking cakes or muffins with a difference, a heart shaped cake tin is just the job. It makes kitchen romance easy...

Gluten Free Cookbook For Kindle
Regardless of whether you have a mild sensitivity to gluten or you cannot eat it at all, it's good to know you have many a gluten free cookbook...

Wine Bottle Cheese Board
There's something about a wine bottle cheese board that blows all the other cheese boards out of the water. Some are literally old wine bottles living a new ...

Fun Fact #5

I am owned by Jasper, a pure white shorthaired rescue cat. Although he is only white in winter; in summer he's more a grubby gray.

Jasper's Lenses

Below are some of my cat lenses, which invariably feature our very own Jasper, who we adopted around four years ago.

Jasper - the whitest white rescue cat in the world
Now I'm NOT going to let my owner introduce me, because that would be unfair. To me. I'm a cat - I'm a rescue cat too - so I'm pretty much able to take contr...

Cute and Funny Cat Videos on YouTube - plus Jasper
Don't you just love cute cat videos, especially when they raise a smile? Jasper loves watching them too. Yes that's him, the White Wonder reclining on his eq...

Interactive Cat Toys
Interactive cat toys can be the best way to get some play time in and get in on the action yourself as well! This lens is going to reveal some of the best c...

Fun Fact #6

I can be crafty... but not in the way you think. Honestly.

My craft related lenses on Squidoo

I've always enjoyed crafts of various kinds. I think it's my creative side trying to come out in a different way.

Craft Ribbon Organizer
One thing I noticed early on in my creative life was that crafting can take over the whole house if you let it. That's why storage items like a craft ribbon ...

Shrinky Dinks For Boys
Shrinky Dinks for boys are sure to keep most boys quiet. I remember playing with Shrinky Dinks when I was a child (although I'm not sure if they were called ...

Valentines Day Card Ideas
If you're looking for Valentines Day card ideas and inspiration, you're in the right place. You'll find some practical ideas, suggestions and sources on this...

Fun Fact #7

I'm an aunt! That means babysitting, bad jokes and begs for 'horsey rides' (although I think they've grown out of that now thankfully).

My kid inspired lenses on Squidoo

Hello Kitty Wall Decals
Hello Kitty wall decals are the perfect addition to any little girl's bedroom. I was quite surprised at how many wall decals there are around with this well ...

Hooded Towels For Kids
If you're searching for a quick, easy and fun way to get the kids dry after a bath or a day at the beach, hooded towels for kids are the perfect solution. Th...

Best Family Board Games
The best family board games are the ones the whole family loves playing. They can vary wildly between families, depending on how many people can play and wha...

Birthday Goody Bag Ideas
Birthday goody bag ideas aren't hard to find - you just have to know where to look. It also helps to have plenty of different items to choose from, so I've p...

Easter Basket With Handle
If Easter brings to mind an Easter Egg hunt with the kids, you'll probably want each child to have an Easter basket with handle. It makes it easier for them ...

Buying Kids' Party Bag Toys
If you are going to be buying kids party bag toys in the near future, you've come to the right place. Finding and filling party bags for children's birthday ...

Fun Fact #8

I love writing about all kinds of things. If I haven't written about it for a client I'll probably have published a lens on it.

My other lenses on Squidoo

(so far...)

I keep a notebook of ideas for Squidoo lenses. There are always more ideas in there than I'll ever have time to build lenses on, but it's a great resource to have.

Rubber Duck Shower Curtain
There's something rather appealing about a rubber duck shower curtain, isn't there? Not convinced? Allow me to try and persuade you that the best shower curt...

4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
Here is a great selection of 4 drawer filing cabinets. As you can see, you'll easily be able to find the perfect filing solution for your home or office. The...

Funky Fridge Magnets
Yep - they are cool. They jazz up your boring old refrigerator, not to mention your dishwasher and anyplace else that will take one. They also say a lot a...

How to Build a Marketing Blog
Do you have a website, an online business or even a skill that you would like to market online? If you do, you're not alone. Lots of people would like to get...

Funky iPod socks and covers
Whatever type of Apple iPod you've got, buying it is just the first step. Next up, you've got to be able to protect it and keep it looking as good as the day...

Movie Gift Basket Ideas
There's nothing quite like a movie night in with your friends, and movie gift basket ideas can help make a great evening into an even better one. Check out ...

Natural Sounds Alarm Clock
If you hate waking up to the shrill and unwelcoming sound of your alarm clock every morning, perhaps you'd benefit from having a natural sounds alarm clock i...

Understanding Ovarian Cancer
Back in 1983, when I was eleven, I lost my mum to ovarian cancer - the 'silent' cancer. She was just forty nine.I've now hit the big 4-0, and there is still ...

Gifts, Gadgets and Toys for Kids and Adults at Shop Smoo
Welcome to Shop Smoo, our eBay store - packed with toys, gifts and gadgets for all ages, not to mention those curiosities you just can't resist buying!We com...

Wind Up Alarm Clock
If you thought wind up alarm clocks were passe, think again. We're all incredibly reliant on electricity nowadays, and yet if you've ever had a power cut dur...

Fun Fact #9

I can never decide what wallpaper to have on my computer.

My desktop wallpaper lenses

Are you inspired by a different computer wallpaper now and then?

White Tiger Wallpaper for Your Computer and Wall Art for Your Home
I love tigers - but I LOVE white tigers. They're just stunning and while I wouldn't want to meet one up close (unless there was a sheet of glass between us a...

Pink Flower Wallpaper (and pink flower facts that make you go 'wow')
Lots of people look for pictures of flowers to brighten up their desktop, and pink flower wallpaper is very easy to find and download. In fact you might be s...

Many thanks for taking the time to read my lensography. Please feel free to leave a comment or any suggestions to make this lens even better.

Thanks for stopping by!

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    • rihannsu profile image


      5 years ago

      This a really cool way to promote your writing. I enjoyed reading it- it's very inventive.


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