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Almost WIP Worthy Lenses

Updated on September 11, 2014

What is WIP?

Also known as Work In Progress

A Work in Progress lens or page on Squidoo is a started, but unpublished article. W.I.P. is also is a page that hasn't had enough traffic (or Squidoo lensrank) ,to keep it in a "Featured" viewable state. On a Lensmaster Dashboard, featured is noted as a green checkmark symbol. WIP appears as a nasty red minus symbol.Of the over 3.5 million pages only the top 400k are viewable as published and searchable. The remainder fall into an automatic WIP status... The only way to get it out again is to edit it by changing a few things like updating expired Amazon or eBay modules. Even better, check your text and try to fit in some good key word sentences appropriate to your topic using the same words you would search for your topic.

Almost WIP sounds good, doesn't it?

If you are new Squidooer, or just stumbled onto this lens (page), "Almost WIP Worthy Lenses" sounds like it could be almost a good thing, doesn't it? "Almost" anything falls just short of good, or even great, or even possibly, unrecognized brilliance. Well, that is so not so the case when it comes to WIP on Squidoo. The introduction photo at the top of this article shows a small portion of my Lenses that have fallen into the WIP category. Honestly they have plunged right into the swampy bog of my unfinished work.

Poll: Auto WIP ~ Like it or Hate it?

Once upon a time, the only WIP lenses were never published. Ever.Then the powers at SquidooHQ decided that lenses that fell under a lensrank of 400,000, or below, automatically reverted back into WIP.Some don't mind the motivation to keep updated content. Some do.How about you?

Poll: How many Lenses do you have in WIP?

How many Lenses do you have in WIP?

See results

Did you know...?

...formerly published lenses classified as WIP are still viewable by direct links?I didn't until I researched this topic.At least half of the links shown below are in WIP status... right now.Huh.

Poll: What is your lowest Lensrank of Published lenses - Published or in previously published WIP only.

If you've never published a lens, it keeps dropping in lensrank.Sorry to say, I have a few and some are approaching the 4 million mark. Oh my. Time to get working.

What is your lowest Lensrank?

See results

Updated Content is Important!

I know this, I really do.My issue is just getting down to it.Especially when new page ideas are a-popping.*sigh...* Constantly.

Poll: Never Published WIP Lenses Lensrank - If you've never published a lens, it keeps dropping in lensrank.

Yes, I have a few and some are even approaching the 4 million mark. And with more new lenses written every day, I'm sure the lowest level will keep dropping.Time to finish up and get these published.

What's you lowest Lensrank for an Unpublished Lens?

See results

Would you like to feature your worst lenses, too? - See if you can gather a little love for them. It's worth a shot.

Visit and get your RSS feed for you lenses with the oldest publish dates. Just seeing them on a lens just might motivate you to get them polished up.

Feature your most Updated Lenses, too! - Thanks Fluff (I cloned his RSS Feed Descending (Recent) Pipe to Assending (Oldest) order :)

I'd love to sort by lensrank if that is at all possible. Example 300,000 to 399.999 which falls just under the WIP-lash of 400,000.Anybody? Anybody?

Did you like this lens? Have you found what you're looking for?Anyone can leave a comment, so please do. Also Facebook Like, Twitter, and Google +1 .

Squidoo members, please be so kind and give me a Thumbs up.Even better, give me a Thumbs up, and click to...


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