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Clarification on "overly promotional" hubs: 2 links per domain? how about subdomains?

okay so I just published a Hub but I'm scared of it being "overly promotional". I have 3 blogs all on blogspot but of course they have different subdomains. If I put all three links of my blogs in one Hub does that count as overly promotional? Further, with the 2 links allowed per domain does this mean 2 only including subdomain? For instance I can promote myblogname.blogspot.com and mysecondblog.blogspot.com and anotherblogofmine.blogspot.com including an inner page link to each so that would be 6 links going to 6 blogger.com sites which obviously goes over the 2 allowed but obviously they a


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Susan Keeping (Uninvited Writer) says

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6 years ago
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