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ATMP (Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid) (ATMP,ATMP.Na5,ATMP.Kx,ATMP.Na4)

ATMP (Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid) (ATMP,ATMP.Na5,ATMP.Kx,ATMP.Na4) CAS No. 6419-19-8 ATMP has excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion ability. It can prevent scale formation, calcium carbonate in particular, in water system. ATMP has good chemical stability and is hard to be hydrolyzed in water system. At high concentration, it has good corrosion inhibition. Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd. Xiwangzhuang town, Shizhong district, Zaozhuang city, Shandong Province, P. R. China Tel:+86-632-5113066


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