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Is there something wrong with my account?

Okay, So in the last 6 months I have made over $300.00, and is currently making about $3.00 a day from Hubpages ad program, BUT ! When I look at my Adsense earnings from Hubpages over the last 5 months, I have made $0.45 CENTS!... I have both things active, both in good standing, and get about 1600 views a day, but no clicks on Adsense.. It just does not make sense to me..


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shuck72 says

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5 years ago
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    John Reid-Roberts (Johnrr631992) 5 years ago

    WEll, I;ve never run just the Adsense program, because I was wary of where my $$$ would drop to as I am already making pretty good money.