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Are you still having problems with the more than 2 links error message?

I know that a while back we were told that some of us were in error receiving the message about too many links to a domain. I was one of those people. Prior to that, I had no problems. I still have that warning on my hubs although the skulls are now gone. I know that we are allowed more than 2 links to well known sites like wikipedia. My errors seem to be coming from sites like that. All are huge, public sites. Is anyone else still having problems?

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Melis Ann says

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5 years ago
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    Lena Welch (Lwelch) 5 years ago

    well at least that is one other person. I am doing the same thing for the moment. It is frustrating though as I like readers to be able to go read more about the thing and to reference my info and that means multiple links. I hope it is a glitch!