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Recent disabling of ads on a long published hub. Why?

So, I just updated my Biblically Homosexual hub - discussing Genesis 19. I didn't change any of the hub, just added a picture of the bible, as it's was...ZZZing....yet, I look today, and where I had ads yesterday on this EXACT hub, I no longer have ad - and the big ol' $ sign with it's green strike through it on my listings. Why after over a month, if not 6 weeks has this changed?


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Best Answer Susannah Birch (WryLilt) says

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5 years ago
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    Jacqui (jlpark) 5 years ago

    Sounds plausible. Though, I don't think it broke any rules. Thankfully its not one of my popular ones, so it didn't make me much with ads anyway

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