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Does Hubpages work a bit like gambling, with time as the currency?

With Hubpages the 'gambler" uses time as a currency, not money? Data on Hubpages records one per cent of Hubpages authors act like "addicts". So Hubpages performs a social function; and Hubpages keeps that one per cent coming back for social rewards, and those rewards have an addictive affect. Sometimes a hubber strikes gold a Hubpages success storry - and makes money. This data from Webstatsdomain shows the addicts at work!


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dailytop10 says

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4 years ago
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    claudiafox 4 years ago

    Thanks for the answer, However I'm not so sure that, as you say "Every effort you exert in Hubpages will eventually pay off". Gambling gives feedback. Rarely money, Hub Pages similar in that way, for most, I suspect.