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Why won't my quiz capsule work?

I've tried numerous times to enter questions and answers into a quiz capsule, but every time I save it all my data disappears and I'm left with a blank capsule. I've tried deleting the capsule and starting over, but it refuses to work. I found a forum post about this problem from six weeks ago, but nobody ever answered the question and the OP said that it worked fine the next day. I tried sleeping on it, but it still won't work. Is there any solution to this problem other than deleting my Hub and starting over?


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Maria Janta-Cooper (jantamaya) says

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4 years ago
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    Gina145 4 years ago

    I tried again a few times yesterday without success and eventually submitted my quiz in article form with a photo between the questions and the answers.

    I would have tried the forums, but as you didn't get an answer, I'm not sure I should bother.