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Hi all. If I don't have adsense, apart from amazon is there any other way to monetize a hub?

Don't really want to play the Big G game and was wondering if anyone else had found a good legal way to add to their hub whilst also making a few extra $$$? Also as a side question. If I don't have adsense is there any point in leaving ads 'ON' in a hub? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply! Happy Saturday ;-) PS. I have looked at previous Q&A's on this subject and they all seem old and HP's has evolved since then, so any new info is appreciated.


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cryptid says

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4 years ago
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    Ted (TedWritesStuff) 4 years ago

    Thank you cryptid for both taking the time to answer my question and the positive comments. I have previously had an adsense account and fell foul through no fault of my own of googles arbitrary and unappealable decision making process.