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Not allowed to post external link in Hubs any more??

I'm trying to add a link to an article I wrote on another site with an explanation of PCOS, which is off-topic for the hub I'm writing. I just want readers to have the option of accessing it without derailing the current article. I can usually link to other sites in my hubs, however when I try to do so in this current hub, the "insert" button refuses to respond. I've check the FAQ's and am doing it correctly, so I'm confused as to why it isn't working ... Are we no longer allowed to link to external sites?

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Ceres Schwarz says

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4 years ago
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    Rosa Marchisella (I Am Rosa) 4 years ago

    Thanks so much. Apparently, it's a problem with my browser (Safari). I tried to insert links using Firefox and there was no problem.