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Why is my brand new hubscore decreasing?

Hey everybody, I'm a brand new user! I recently posted my first hub and had it marked as featured with a score of 78 (is that decent?) and I haven't really done anything else yet. However, my hubscore on my profile has been somewhat steadily decreasing since I made my account earlier today. Why is this happening? This question was sort of asked previously, but I'm more worried about the quality of my hub - is it not up to par? Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

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Best Answer Celina Martin (zeusspeak) says

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4 years ago
  • Vincent Potter profile image

    Vincent Potter 4 years ago

    Really? I thought it would increase my hubscore if I linked to various pages that provided my information! Good thing somebody told me that.

    Thanks a lot Zuesspeak, that was a perfect answer.