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Can I use noncommercial images from Flickr with adsense?

I recently signed up to Flickr to find some nice pictures to use on my hubs. I'm looking for images that you can freely share so long as you give the original author credit; mainly CC images. However, I've seen some photos that are CC AND noncommercial. My main concern is, If I use images that are for noncommercial use, does that mean I can't display adsense on my hubs too? Also, can I save the picture to my computer and add my own keywords to help with SEO? Thanks for any help on this!


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James (JamesAng12) says

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4 years ago
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    soulfully 4 years ago

    Thanks for responding, James.

    I don't want hubpages taking a disliking to anything I do, so I suppose looking for pictures with just a CC would be a safer option for me. Would it be permitted to alter the keywords on those images?

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