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How to get my squidoo lens featured?

Though I love hubpages over squidoo, I needed to convert one of hubs not being indexed in google into a squidoo lens so as to get it indexed somewhere. That hubpage got through the quality assessment process but it is not qualifying there in squidoo even after the passing plagirism test. I have tried to make other lenses in squidoo but still I am not able to get a tick at Quality content in the lens progress and on hitting the publish button my lens gets locked. Can anyone help me out here?


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Becki Rizzuti (Everyday Miracles) says

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3 years ago
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    Mark Morgan (markmorgangenius) 3 years ago

    Thanks Everyday Miracles, I had changed the title many days ago and google has indexed the page but anyways I wanted that particular title for SEO. But whats the problem with my Squidoo lenses not passing QAP but with same content they cleared at HP