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Are the Google adverts and my earnings I see from some of my article pages not for real?

This is again what I wrote on the adsense Google forum: To Gracey from Google forum ( Happy Easter) I'm writing to you from the Adsense email account page. I keep seeing my earnings each month on my hubpages earning page, but when I click on the adsense link that is suppose to take me to my Adsense account I again keep reading that its not active, but it is! I have adds on my article pages as proof, and I see the earning amounts! I also never received a Address verification troubleshooting (PIN) What more can I do to get this right? Please I need help...

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Best Answer Shauna L Bowling (bravewarrior) says

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3 years ago
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    Nadine May 3 years ago

    Oh really? That is good news. Gosh I wonder what the amount is? Probably at least $100? Then I have to do a lot more writing. many thanks. So I must just do nothing?

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