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What is the better way to layout my Hubs? Calling any help.

If you look at my Top 10 Fastest Players in NFL History, my layout was very basic, but doing my top 10 returners in NFL history, I did something different, and i'm thinking about switching to that sort of layout. My only concern is that everything looks too bunched up. I'm just wondering as far as layouts for the hub if there is anything I can do to benefit the reader. You guys know better than me, so even it's a complete turn for layout, I want to put out the best hub possible. Any information will do wonders for me. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.


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Chloe Davis Smith (nochance) says

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3 years ago
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    Riley Baines (Rilese) 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot, that is what i figured the case was. And what do you mean by putting my articles into a group?