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Are we allowed to have a Table of Contents page?

Will Hubpages allow us to have a Table of Contents (TOC) page? It is an individual webpage (so I would create it just like a regular Hubpage page) that categorizes all of my pages. I have written about 40 unit studies for teachers. Each study is comprised of 3-50 individual lessons. The TOC page allows for teachers to easily navigate through all of my pages and find the lessons they wish to use. On Hubpages I would have 40 each of photos, text boxes (to describe each unit study), & link boxes. It will take me hours to recreate this, so I don't want to waste the time if it's not allowed.


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LindaSmith1 says

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3 years ago
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    iijuan12 3 years ago

    I didn't see an answer in the link you provided, but it is helpful to hear it has been discussed before and wasn't approved. That will save me hours of work that would be in vain. I appreciate you answering the question! Thank you!

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