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Do you promote your hubs using original homemade youtube videos of your own?

I have read this is a great way to get viewers of your hubs. They find your youtube video which leads them to your hub. How do you film them? Do you know how to make them with your iPhone or smart phone? How do you make videos when you need to film both hands (how do you hold the camera? Where do you put it?)? I want to make a series of videos using my iPhone using my hands (to show knitting techniques). I'm interested in any ideas. I have MS Live Movie Maker on my laptop but the camera is facing me - again, not ideal for what I'm trying to do. Thanks!! :)


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Disillusioned (C.V.Rajan) says

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2 years ago
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    Michele Kelsey (misslong123) 2 years ago

    Well I have a youtube video and found them easy to make. Also google loves videos and if you get on page 1, you can put the URL to your hub and gain readers. It works but I don't wanna invest in more $ than my cell bc like u said it's a cost/Ben thng