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How Do I fix my Amazon Link on Hubpages?

Here is the reply to a note that I wrote Amazon last night becaue I show nothing on my Amazon Payouts since August of 2014. I did not change a thing on Hubpages: "I'm sorry for any concern your recent Amazon Associates reports have caused you. I checked your account and the reason you are not seeing any report updates since August 2014 is because there have been no sales since then. The last sale I see made through your links was in June 2014 and those earnings would have been available for payout in August 2014. I wasn't able to locate any links to at your site,

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zebtron (Matthew Meyer) says

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2 years ago
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    Debra Allen (Lady Guinevere) 2 years ago

    So, I went in and added my Amazon ID and now it is an external link. ???