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How to extend the character limit in the results of a quiz capsule?

I make a lot of interactive Hubs, so I use the quiz capsule a lot. Typically, I use quizzes that give you one of many results; they determine a character who matches you. However, when writing the description of the character, I can input as much text as I want into the capsule, but eventually the text is cut off when someone takes the actual quiz. To make matters worse, the capsule doesn't tell you when you've reached your letter limit. I end up having to take off part of the character descriptions because of this, just so it'll fit. Does anyone know of a way to extend the limit?

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Best Answer zebtron (Matthew Meyer) says

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2 years ago
  • Jeremy Gill profile image

    Jeremy Gill 2 years ago

    Thanks for the advice; I'll post a suggestion!