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A serious alternative to filling DMCAs?

I'm sure many Hubbers here will be familiar with having their Hubs stolen and reproduced on other sites, losing views, losing revenue and potentially having their articles outranked by stolen content. Even after you find the offending site, finding the hosting company to file the DMCA with can be difficult. After some research I have found an alternative, just requesting Google deindex the offending site/s. Now this is not as good as getting the content taken down but it means it won't show up in search results. Here is the link


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M. T. Dremer says

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2 years ago
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    SpaceShanty 2 years ago

    I have actually done this, a paragraph from one of my articles was used by a seller on Amazon in the description and in turn hundreds of Amazon estores, affiliate sites and spammy sites have either copied or imported the description.

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