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What does the number that pops up with seconds beside it indicate when we search for a hubber?

I noticed that when I search for a hubber via HubPages from my account page in the search bar area, the hubber's photo and name will pop up of course, but then a few seconds later all of that hubber's hubs, etc. will load under the profile photo, along with a number in the thousands with so many seconds indicated beside it under their photo. I just checked mine at it had the number 14,600 with .37 seconds by that number. What does that mean? I checked other hubbers and some are down into the single digit thousands. Thank you for clarifying.

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Best Answer Tim Mitchell (tsmog) says

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2 years ago
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    Faith Reaper 2 years ago

    Wow, Tim, you have gone above and beyond in researching this is all very interesting and complex to me. That's a lot of results, I guess, in those few seconds. All my hubs are featured, but I have unpublished some on my own. Bless you!

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