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Please suggest how to make money through ebay and amazon without using adsense

Hi everyone, i tried to apply for adsense few months back and could not be approved due to insufficient number hubs. I read number of forums wherein people have mentioned that they can earn without adsense through amazon and Ebay. I tried for that also but while applying it says: 1. Publish at least one Hub Complete 2. Sign up for the HubPages Earnings Program Complete 3. Associate a Google AdSense Account Incomplete Does it mean that for ebay and amazon, we need adsense account.


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ketage says

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22 months ago
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    meenakshibhati 22 months ago

    At present if you want to earn through ebay and amazon, adsense approval is must. Not sure how should i proceed. Can you suggest any other website where adsense is not compulsory.