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Upon signing in, I get directed straight to Google/Bing - does that happen to anyone else, too?

Just wondering if this is supposed to happen, but it always seems odd. I search for Hubpages (either on Chrome or Bing) and once I've popped in my password, instead of coming to Hubpages I am immediately sent to Google or Bing. I then have to re-search Hubpages, and at that point I get to the site, and I'm signed in. Does this happen to anyone else at all? Random photo of a cute Koala Bear as I'm on a uni computer and it is a stock image from there! Right...back to studying...


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H C Palting (Express10) says

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21 months ago
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    Kimberley Clarke (Kimberleyclarke) 21 months ago

    It happens on my home laptop, too! It is very odd. And it just did it when I signed in from Yahoo, too. Oh well! Thanks for your answer...and best of luck with your studies!