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Any possibility of updating the editing tracking?

The quality guide of the number of words, photos and polls is priceless. I take great pride in my work and I know the site offers a "date of the last update" but for me it would be helpful to offer a capsule where I can insert the date I updated and the quality changes that I incorporated such as fixing blurred images, correcting spelling errors, adding more content etc... For me it is important to know that my quality updates make a difference and if I could insert a hidden capsule to help me track my edits and see what works - it would help motivate me to offer better quality content.


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Ronald E Franklin (RonElFran) says

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20 months ago
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    Kelly Kline Burnett (EZ Swim Fitness) 19 months ago

    Hi Ron,

    I appreciate your response. I have done this with my hubs - hundreds of them. It is just I would love to be able to automate this process or refine it to use my time in the best manner possible. Thank you very much!