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I have an Adsense hosted account linked. What else do I need to do?

More specifically, I do not at all see any info regarding Hubpages on my Adsense account. Not that I'm expecting hundreds of earnings, but shouldn't there be some info on impressions, clicks, etc? Or did I miss out something? Is there a step to do in Adsense itself? Such as submitting a hubpage URL to them? Hope some experts can advise.

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Glenn Stok says

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16 months ago
  • CYong74 profile image

    Kuan Leong Yong (CYong74) 16 months ago

    Hi Glenn, thanks for replying. I already added the affiliate code and it says "active" on the earnings summary.

    My problem is, I don't see any data at all on my AdSense account itself. There's nothing that pertains to HubPages