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Is Hubpages editing software severely flawed in regard to duplication and faulty similarity indexes?

I am aware of plagiarism, copyright infringements, and substantial similarity reports. I have a MA in English after all. I have researched 'duplication' and I have found an audience of writers in the Hubpages community experiencing a common problem: original content is being flagged for unoriginality- even poems. I speculate this problem stems from a software program that generates a similarity index for articles before articles are published or read by real people. The problem: while an article can be original, quotes- even with proper citations- can skyrocket similarity indexes. Thoughts?


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MizBejabbers says

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11 months ago
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    LiveFitForLife 11 months ago

    Honestly, I am not sure. I imagine these incidents are connected. It's understandable at times to unpublish select articles; however, it seems as though Hubpages has replaced many of their actual editors with computerized grammar-bots. It's sad.