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Has anyone had a hub labeled as not "featured" because it doesn't reach quality standards?

I recently published a 1000+ word hub and put a lot of work into it with references, plenty images, capsules and high-quality content, but it was surprisingly given the "not featured" label. I'm thinking perhaps because the links were pointing to the references and the Hubpage bot or reviewers thought it was spam. So I removed the reference links and it is still not a featured hub. It's been over 2 weeks. Can anyone offer some solutions to this? Should I delete the hub and resubmit it using a different URL and see if it gets featured without the reference links?

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Shirley Urso-Farmer (Shirl Urso-Farmer) says

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12 months ago
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    wiserworld 12 months ago

    Hi Shirley, thank you for your feedback. I could try condensing the writing a bit like you said and see if it gets featured. I'm thinking a lot of it could still be related to the amount of external links that I had on the original article.

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