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I just want to clarify the benefits of referral trackers for my own understanding. Please help.

I want to clarify that by using referral trackers they 1.Track sign-ups and future earnings from those sign ups. And 2.I could put a R.T. in (for example) your hub address and share it and also receive earnings from the traffic I bring to each of your hubs. Am I correct? Also, if I were to put a R.T. in each of my own articles when I share them for the random sign-up referral, would that work? So far my top 3 traffic sources are 1.Twitter 2.HP & 3.Facebook. So you can see by my #s 1 and 3 that I do a lot of sharing, I have a decent following and would love to help other Hubbers as well.


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4 months ago
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