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How do you feel about temporary accolades?

Some aren't aware that some accolades (our proudly-earned profile badges) are temporary and may be removed. See the link below for the list. I can understand the logic to an extent, but on the other hand, Hubbers can and do feel cheated when their accolades are removed. In my case, it's the red commenting accolade that most irks me, as it seems to focus on how often you insert comments instead of the percentage of those you reply to and the quality of your insights. We shouldn't let our accolades define us, but Hubbers never like these cases. Thoughts?


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Tomi Smith (tomsmithnow) says

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4 months ago
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    Jeremy Gill 4 months ago

    Many Hubbers don't realize it. I know accolades aren't the main focus of HubPages, but the fact that some you earn could be taken away gives less incentive to participate in the community.