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Wait, HubPages Moderators can Edit my Articles? What is Your Perspective & Thoughts on This

My latest article just re-released, I meticulously honed, thanks to following essential mindsets & tips from fellow hubbers, as per my previous question. I was chuffed receiving HP notification saying article featured but they made 'clips' to my original. I must say, they made only 1 change, and that was to my title. When I looked, straight away I saw the mistake, jeopardizing the feature-ability of the article. Theirs looked much better! I wanted to know your thought on authors being guided along the way to becoming more inept with the standard and style of writing on Hubpages?


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Cristina Vanthul (cvanthul) says

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7 weeks ago
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    Dale J Ovenstone (Inspired to write) 7 weeks ago

    Thanks, Cristina

    I think it is a great idea, and those small mistakes the author makes enables to article to be featured afterall.

    Thanks for your time reading this post and commenting

    Regards, Dale