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Buying or Selling a HubPages account?

I was recently approached by someone asking about the possibility of purchasing my HubPages account (and all associated articles). Has anyone heard of this? Is this allowed on hubpages? I guess I wouldn't be opposed to the idea for the right number (I have tons of ideas for a new hubpages account if I were to start over) but I also don't want to do something that will get me in trouble with hubpages. Does anyone have any experience with buying or selling a hubpages account?


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Rochelle Frank says

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2 weeks ago
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    Kate Daily (Wolfy) 12 days ago

    Well part of the deal would be they get the full account including the ability to link their PayPal account. I'm sure that's why they want the account.

    I haven't found anything stating that it's not ok to do. I hope we get some more feedback on this