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pls help me find rosie espaonola she is working gin a korean call center in bangkal street makati

I am seeking for help from anyone in Negros Occidental, Bacolod/Bago/Pulupandan to find my love and speak some sense into her. The person I’m referring to is Rosie (Anirose) Espanola originally from pulupandan, and now moved out to Taculing, Bacolod city or Marina Bay Subd, Bago city . Her phone number is 639272252666 AND EMAIL: LUVYAH_ROSIE@YAHOO.COM & ROSIE_LOVEU@YAHOO.COM . I love her very much and miss her. Ever since she came back from manila to the province 7 weeks ago where she was working in a bar named THE APPENZELLER estrellita bldg.2 ALABANG ZAPOTE RD.MUNTINLUPA, telephone: 63280991

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