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I was promoted in the post of Technical Officer on 01/02/2000 in the pay scale of 6500-200-10500...

(5th ?Pay Commission) and my basic has been fixed to 6500+200=6700 i.e 6700? After 5 years I got 3 advance increment on the basis of assessment i.e 1 increment = 200? ?3 increment = 200*3=600? After 5 years i.e on 01/02/2005 my basic was 7700? After getting 3 increment my basic has become 7700+600=8300 on 01/02/2005.? Accordingly on 01/01/2006 my basic was 8300? And my salary was being calculated on the basis of 8300 basic on01/01/2006? I want to know that what should be my basic pay on 01/01/2006 as per 6th pay commission


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7 years ago
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