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Hi Kahana, As a Karaite, the political domination of Judaism by the Rabbinate is clearly...

anathema to you. You are a Kohen by descent, and therefore of the highest catse in a "nation of priests". You are a High Priest. When The Beit HaMikdash was standing, you would have served there, and also (possibly) taught youngsters how to do this properly. You may also have had to teach the mitzvoth to the Children of Israel. Can you please delineate for me in what way you would be different from a Rabbi in those times, or even today? Surely Oral Instruction would have been required in all things and especially in the Temple Service. I'm interested to hear your answer. Shalom and blessings


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Of Priests and Rabbis: A Karaite Kohen Answers81

Of Priests and Rabbis: A Karaite Kohen Answers

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7 years ago
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